How Tablets Transformed our Monitoring & Evaluation in Zambia

By Roseline Tekeu

February 25, 2015   |   0 comments

In the fall of 2012, teams set out across six provinces of Zambia to collect early grade reading data on 4,600 students and teachers—with just pen and paper. A few years later, they did the same thing with tablets and saw the difference....Read More

Are we serious about educating marginalized kids?

By Cris Revaz

February 19, 2015   |   0 comments

As the United Nations debates the post-2015 global goals for education, it will have to decide what to prioritize and what to measure. Its choices will reveal how committed we are to ensuring even the most marginalized children are learning. ...Read More

An Education Groupie Re-evaluates School

By Diane Prouty

January 27, 2015   |   0 comments

No schools? No Teachers? After years as an education "groupie," Diane Prouty was shocked to find out everything she held true about learning might be wrong....Read More

Holding out Hope for Children and Youth

By Magdalena Fulton

January 20, 2015   |   0 comments

As I safely tuck my 6-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter into bed, I am still thinking about the 2015 UNICEF report on the State of the World’s Children that I read this morning....Read More