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HONDURAS: Young Lives in the Balance


Youth in at-risk communities are caught between gangs, drugs and violence. Through community-based violence prevention initiatives, Creative, USAID and the Honduran government are reducing crime, creating opportunity for youth and turning neighborhoods once plagued by crime into places of hope.... Read More



INDIA: Schools & Communities Champion Education through Joyful Learning

Instructional Systems

In Bihar, one of India’s poorest states, 26 percent of fifth grade children never make it to the sixth. Based on extensive research into the causes of absenteeism, an Early Warning System and an after-school Enrichment Program were developed to change that. These initiatives are part of the School Dropout Prevention Pilot, which also shows teacher how to identify and support student at risk of dropout. After-school activities make school a more engaging place where kids can learn and play, motivating them to come to school and stay the entire day. It is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.... Read More



LIBYA: Nascent groups prepare to take on Herculean challenges


Libya’s Revolution ushered in an opportunity for civil society organizations to form, grow and represent their communities. With U.S. State Department support, Creative is working with the leaders of nascent groups to support their efforts to play a substantial role in this country’s developing democracy.... Read More



MOROCCO: Boosting reading skills by changing educational systems & student habits


Middle school is a critical time for students to master reading and comprehension. Unfortunately, Moroccan middle school students have traditionally scored below average on standardized reading tests. Creative and the Ministry of Education are working to transform the education system to improve reading and comprehension among middle school students. They are focusing on developing literacy-focused teacher training, integrating reading skills across the curriculum, engaging students with interactive teaching methods and empowering youth to be advocates for education and keep their peers in school.... Read More