Procurement Notices


Critical to the success of Creative’s projects are smart, highly motivated and committed vendors.  Creative works with a range of vendors, from large-scale manufacturers  to community-level suppliers, and everyone in between.  Are you interested in partnering with Creative to fuel the success of small-scale development projects?  We want to hear from you!
Creative uses competitive solicitation methods to obtain the best value in goods and services.  Listed below are Creative’s current solicitations. To view additional information, and obtain a copy of the solicitation, please click on the links below.  Be sure to submit competitive bids by the solicitation deadline and to the e-mail address listed in the document.

For questions, please send to


Solicitation NumberActive DateDeadline for ResponsesCountryDescription
RFP-2017-04-00418 APR 201701 MAY 2017IraqProvision of Security, Logistics, Operations and Life Support Services for Creative Staff based in Erbil, Iraq
RFQ-ACR-092-201717 APR 201701 MAY 2017AfghanistanSupply and Delivery of IT Equipment to Afghanistan
RFP-2017-04-0112 APR 201727 APR 2017TurkeyEmployee Counseling Services and Capacity Building Support
RFP-ACR-12903 APR 201730 APR 2017AfghanistanEarly Grade Reading Assessment Baseline Data Collection & Analysis.
RFQ-BOR088-17-04-00107 APR 201721 APR 2017NigerSupply and Delivery of Shortwave Radios.