Creative’s experts address critical topics in education at CIES 2016

From providing opportunities for the most marginalized learners to preventing dropout, check out the latest news from Creative’s panels on these and other critical education issues at #CIES2016.

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Pakistani children reading in classroom.


When a U.S. student returns from a typical summer break, she has lost nearly one month of learning. When a student in Yemen or Nigeria is out of school for months or years as a result of conflict, the learning loss is compounded exponentially by severe trauma and transition, say experts at CIES.

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Early grade reading has been a major education focus, resulting in increased funding and focus on boosting literacy skills in primary school. But beyond the early grades and basics, students need additional support to master reading as a means of learning content, said experts at CIES.

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Moroccan boys reading books in classroom.

Timorese boy smiling in classroom.


Nearly 9 out of 10 primary school-aged children in developing countries were enrolled in school in 2015. But before they finish primary school, one out of six students will drop out. Dropout demands global attention, say experts at CIES.

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MOOCs have been offered up as part of the solution to overcoming the education barrier of access in developing countries. But technologists and educators have more to explore to ensure that these platforms actually reach these users.

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Cambodian girls using computer.

Moroccan girl reading book in classroom.


Though early grade reading has been a main focus in education, going beyond the basics and helping students reach higher levels of fluency and comprehension has not received as much attention, experts said at CIES.

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In conflict-affected and disaster-prone communities, education programs can’t succeed unless they take into account the dynamics and risks associated with these unique environments, said a panel of experts at CIES.

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Nigerian girls in classroom.

CIES 2016 Participants.


At CIES 2016, Creative’s experts will address some of the most pressing topics in international education—from preventing learning loss during conflict to improve reading across subjects and stemming dropout.

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