Young Lives in the Balance

Honduran youth in at-risk communities are caught between gangs, drugs and violence. Creative, USAID and the Honduran government are partnering with these communities to reduce violence, create safe spaces for youth and generate opportunity for learning, recreation and job training. Through community-based violence prevention initiatives from youth outreach centers to municipal violence prevention committees, neighborhoods once plagued by crime are becoming places of hope and opportunity.


Amidst a storm of gang, drugs and violence, youth in at-risk neighborhoods are finding security, opportunity and hope at nearly 50 community outreach centers around Honduras. From English classes to sports and job training, these centers are preventing violence and changing lives.

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Honduran children in classroom listening to instructor.

Eduardo Umanzor, holding guitar singing.


A microphone is a powerful tool, and Honduran pop singer Eduardo Umanzor is using his to bring music, fun and inspiration to often overlooked communities hardest hit by violence. See how the sound of hope resonates across the country.

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Youth on the verge of joining violent gangs are the most at-risk and often the hardest to reach. Targeted secondary prevention gets to the heart of the problem, helping families and kids move away from the brink of violence.

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Honduran boy smiling.

Painted school bus.


Driving a colorful school bus across Honduras, members of Jóvenes Contra la Violencia (the Youth against Violence movement) have an important message for kids in high-crime communities.

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Companies around Honduras are realizing that one of the smartest investments they can make is right down the road in the country’s most at-risk neighborhoods. Lowering violence and bringing opportunity to youth is good for business and even better for the future of Honduras.

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Honduran woman smiling.

Honduran teenagers rollerblading over chairs.


Can a pair of rollerblades be more powerful than drugs and gangs? Kids in one of the most dangerous cities in Honduras are strapping on skates to fight violence and show their community how young people can be a force for positive change.

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Jesus Lanza was heading down a bad path—involved in gangs and drugs—until he had a chance to learn the basics of business with Alianza Joven Honduras and the Chamber of Commerce. With training and a small grant, he turned his life around and turned his small kitchen into a booming burger enterprise to support his family.

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Jesus Lanza making hamburgers.

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