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In Afghanistan and Pakistan, development progress has been threatened by decades of conflict and insecurity. Since the early 1990s, Creative has been a committed partner to the residents of both countries, helping to stabilize vulnerable communities, expand employment and build quality education delivery systems, even in the most crisis-affected areas.

When conflict disrupted the education system and caused well-trained Afghans to flee the country, for example, Creative partnered with the emerging private sector to rebuild these skills among residents, creating demand-driven training and job placement programs that have helped more than 21,000 Afghans land a position or secure a promotion.

Recognizing that a full recovery requires more than livelihoods, Creative’s programs in the region have helped to strengthen trust between the government and vulnerable communities and have worked to ensure that students master literacy so they can contribute to economic development and peace in their countries.


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  • Potential game-changers of Afghanistan’s economy Nargis Nehan, Afghanistan’s former Minister of Mines and Petroleum, lays out her recommendations for advancing women’s economic empowerment and making women-owned businesses a central piece of Afghanistan’s economic growth.
  • Afghanistan: All roads lead to reintegration How might former Taliban fighters be reintegrated in Afghanistan? In this blog, Creative’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration expert Dean Piedmont calls for a community-based, non-linear approach.
  • Chabahar Port, a pathway to South-Central Asian integration and Afghanistan’s self-reliance Creative Senior Advisor Rohullah Osmani details how the Chabahar Port and other transit projects in the region will open doors for economic growth in Afghanistan and increased trade in South-Central Asia.
  • Afghanistan’s 2 percent challenge As Afghanistan peace talks continue another set of discussions are simultaneously taking place: What happens to the former fighters? Creative’s Dean Piedmont provides insight into a way forward for the reintegration of former Taliban fighters.

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