Celebrating the International Day of the Girl

By Charito Kruvant

October 11, 2012   |   0 comments

As we celebrate the first annual International Day of the Girl, I am reminded of the many young girls and women I have met during my career, both around the globe as well as here in our area, who are working to make our world a better place....
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Securing the Arab Spring’s Elections

By Patrick W. Quirk

October 10, 2012   |   0 comments

Over the last year in what has been termed the “Arab Spring,” the collapse of long-standing regimes in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Libya has created space for political contestation that citizens in these countries had never before experienced...
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Libyans Unite Against Breast Cancer

By Elisabeth Bond

October 4, 2012   |   0 comments

For the first time since their 2011 revolution, Libyans took to the streets to celebrate something other than their newly-found political liberty....
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Making Ends Meet in a Rapidly Changing World

By Thoric Cederström

September 26, 2012   |   0 comments

Mud and muck are flying in the US Presidential campaign. Both parties made a lot of noise at their political conventions about the state of the economy and the plight of working Americans....
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By Alexandra Barnett

September 14, 2012   |   0 comments

The attack earlier this week on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the violence that has since surged, primarily targeting embassies throughout the Muslim world, is sobering....
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