Flattening the curve of an “infodemic”

By Amanda Quinn and Tamara Grigoryeva  

May 13, 2020   |   0 comments

Fake news about the virus could be just as harmful as COVID-19. Creative's Development Lab warns against the dangers of disinformation and advises projects on how to combat it in their contexts. ...
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Framing the path to peace in Mali

By Afia wa Mwenze and Deborah Kimble

May 4, 2020   |   0 comments

In Mali, a comprehensive study sheds a light on the factors that challenge the governance systems, write Debby Kimble and Afia wa Mwenze of Creative's Governance Practice Area....
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Governance and COVID-19

By Maggie Proctor

April 28, 2020   |   0 comments

Program manager Maggie Proctor explores the ways the pandemic has highlighted the complex relationship between health and governance. ...
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