40+ years of promoting positive change

Creative has implemented hundreds of projects around the globe since it was founded in 1977. From education and elections to governance and economic growth, Creative’s efforts have made a difference. For example, since the year 2000, Creative has trained more than 389,000 teachers in 21 countries—providing them with new skills and techniques that ultimately benefit their students.

Creative’s Past Projects section has a list of selected projects, a brief description, their implementation dates and funders.


Yemen – Community Livelihoods Project

Capacity Development Date: 2010-2015

Yemen economic and social indicators are among the lowest in the Middle East. In addition to a fragile economy, Yemen continues to face instability due to high unemployment, violent Islamic extremism and a large youth population....

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Yemen Civil Society Assessment 2007

Date: October 2007 – November 2007

Creative was part of a team that evaluated the civil society and media sectors for USAID/Yemen. Civil society organizations were found to be free to operate, but with indications of closing political and legal space. The media sector was found to be well-organized, but facing restrictions on freedom of speech, access to information and an inadequate legal framework. The team recommended USAID support a program of technical and financial assistance to strengthen both sectors, and to underpin frameworks within which they operate....



Zambia – Electoral Security Assessment

Elections Date: May 2011 – September 2011

USAID awarded Creative a contract to perform an electoral security assessment for the Zambian presidential and parliamentary elections held in October 2011. ...

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Zambia – Family Activity South-Central

Capacity Development Date: 2016-2019

The Zambia Family Activity South-Central project aims to empower households caring for 144,000 orphans and vulnerable children with the knowledge and capacity to demand and access health and social services....

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Zambia – Makhalidwe Athu mobile reading project

Digital Development Date: 2015 - 2017

Makhalidwe Athu is a mobile reading project bringing reading to Zambian children who often have no access to books at home. Through SMS, children will receive more than 50 local tales, crowdsourced from the community. More than 4,000 community members will be involved in the project, which is funded through All Children Reading....

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