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PANAMA: Outreach centers are oases for at-risk youth


Despite Panama’s significant economic growth, pockets of poverty remain—and youth are the most vulnerable. Explore how communities have organized to provide at-risk youth with opportunities, while trying to stem the temptation of gang life, through Creative’s three-year Alcance Positivo program.... Read More



LIBYA: Nascent groups prepare to take on Herculean challenges


Libya’s Revolution ushered in an opportunity for civil society organizations to form, grow and represent their communities. With U.S. State Department support, Creative is working with the leaders of nascent groups to support their efforts to play a substantial role in this country’s developing democracy.... Read More



NIGERIA: Transforming education in 2 northern states


Northern Nigeria has some of the lowest levels of literacy and highest levels of at-risk youth in the country. Overcrowded public classrooms, poor teaching methods and a lack of access for girls combine to make education a challenge. At the same time, the popular, privately run Qur’anic schools had no curriculum for basic literacy or math.... Read More