Project Manager, Economic Growth Division


Xin Nie, Project Manager of Economic Growth Division, manages a sustainable livelihoods project in Asia and supports many other division and corporate initiatives such as private sector engagement and digital strategy.

Please tell us about your area(s) of expertise.

I have an interdisciplinary background and work experience in both the public and private sector. Being born and growing up in a developing country, I witnessed millions of people being lifted from poverty in less than a generation. Because of this, I was drawn to the area of economic growth and where private sector and development work intertwine. Through managing a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) project and business development efforts, my focuses include startup incubation, technical assistance to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME), financial inclusion and market systems development.

Do you have an accomplishment, programmatic result or activity that you are particularly proud of?

I contributed to education policies in relation to ethnic minorities at a national level, co-founded a startup from scratch and managed a media campaign team for a major NASDAQ initial public offering (IPO). All of these experiences continue to feed my day-to-day work at Creative, where I am particularly proud of the USAID project I am currently managing, which reaches several thousands of ethnic minorities from marginalized communities in Asia and helps them create sustainable livelihoods through increased competitiveness and market linkages.


    Private sector engagement, startup incubation, MSME financing, financial inclusion and fintech


    M.Sc. in Social Policy and Development, London School of Economics | M.A. in Education Policy, Minzu University of China


    Development Officer for FINCA International and graduate researcher for UNESCO.


    Fluent English, Chinese and basic Spanish

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