CVE Practice Area Director



Beyond your job title, please explain your role at Creative.

With the strong leadership of Paul Turner, my team supports the other Practice Area Directors in their program development and execution, provides thought leadership inside Creative and among the CVE community of interest, fills critical CVE capability gaps, and is developing a unique integrated approach to provide service to non-traditional clients. CVE-related programs are currently being implemented across the Practice Areas, such as the Youth Violence Prevention methodology piloted in Tunisia by the Citizen Security PA. Programs currently underway that are overseen by the CVE PA are a community resilience education and resilience building program (GREAT) in Tanzania; and a State Department sponsored clearing house effort (ICCM.) The PA has built a network of donor and niche technical partners in areas such as working with religious leaders, building resilience tools and providing communication capability.

What is it that drew you to the company?

As my first foray into the private sector after almost 30 years in the military and at the Department of State, I wanted a company that stated and adhered to clear values, and had a culture of “mission first; people always.” Both were apparent in my early interactions with company leaders and colleagues. I felt that the skills and accomplishments I was most pleased with in my career would be things that would translate at Creative. For example, in 2002 I co-developed the Coalition Humanitarian Liaison Cells in Afghanistan which laid the conceptual and practical framework for PRTs. As a Brigadier General, my team led the development of the Army 2020 Strategy, pieces of which are still coming into play today. And at State, we assisted the Dhaka country team to write a model CVE country plan. These skills and knowledge are transferable to Creative in a way that allows me to continue the work of three decades.


    CVE; Stabilization; Peace Operations; Strategy Development; Civ-Mil Operations


    BS United States Military Academy at West Point | MALD Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy


    Many years of working with development and diplomacy organizations in operations in Somalis, Balkans, Afghanistan and others


    English; Basic Russian and German

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