Burgers & business give at-risk Honduran youth hope

Editor’s note: This video was published in February 2015. Tragically, in June 2020, Jesús “Chuy” Lanza was shot and killed in Honduras. At the time, his family continued to operate the burger business featured in this story, and Chuy was finishing up a systems engineering degree at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, according to reports. Creative, together with our partners in Honduras, mourns the loss of this inspiring and driven young man.

Jesus Lanza was heading down a bad path—involved in gangs and drugs—until he had a chance to learn the basics of business with Alianza Joven Honduras and the Chamber of Commerce. With training and a small grant, he turned his life around and turned his small kitchen into a booming burger enterprise to support his family.

Burgers & business give at-risk Honduran youth hope

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