Bringing Unity, Integrity, and Legitimacy to Democracy

Somalia faces longstanding and systemic challenges to citizen engagement in inclusive, peaceful and democratic political processes.

The five-year Bringing Unity, Integrity and Legitimacy to Democracy project will provide critical assistance to help build electoral systems, strengthen civil society and encourage civic participation in Somalia, with a particular focus on women, youth and other marginalized groups.

It is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and implemented by Creative Associates International, with its partners the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa, Forcier Consulting and the International Republican Institute.

Credible democratic elections and systems in Somalia have been obstructed by decades of civil war along with elite- and clan-based governance systems, a weak central government and a lack of a culture of civic participation.

Additionally, the participation and role of women in politics is extremely limited, perpetuating gender inequalities across society.

The Bringing Unity, Integrity and Legitimacy to Democracy project will support newly-formed political parties and regulatory bodies to shift incentives so that political parties increasingly seek to earn a broad-based popular mandate from voters, rather than rely on traditional political alliances that are often based on clan structures.

With a focus on local ownership and sustainability, the project will strengthen the capacity of electoral management bodies, political parties, media, civil society organizations and other key stakeholders.


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