Growing Strong Readers: Morocco’s Revised Arabic Language Curriculum

Morocco has historically struggled with its literacy education. The country’s Ministry of Education collaborated with USAID’s Reading for Success — National Program for Reading (NPR) to revamp the Arabic language curriculum and foster a love of reading. The project was originally planned for grades 1-4, but it was so well received that the Ministry asked to expand it to grades 5 and 6, covering the entire primary cycle....
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Going the Distance: Remote Teacher Training in Morocco

The Moroccan Ministry of Education partnered with USAID’s National Program for Reading (NPR) to train teachers on their newly revised Arabic language curriculum. The project used Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) to train teachers across the country despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic....
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USAID NPR Morocco Reading Enrichment

The USAID Reading for Success — National Program for Reading (NPR) collaborated with Morocco’s Ministry of Education to foster a love of reading. Primary school students in the country now have 30 minutes per week for reading enrichment activities like group reading, literacy computer games, and acting out stories. The project printed 1.1 million storybooks and 22,000 teacher’s guides to ensure students have plenty of reading materials to enjoy....
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Research: Sharp learning losses during COVID-19 were eased by new reading curriculum in Morocco

Young students in Morocco fell behind in their reading skills to a concerning degree after schools closed in response to COVID-19, and they may require many years of remedial instruction to attain learning standards, according to research by the USAID-funded Reading for Success – National Program for Reading....
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Going the Distance with Remote Learning in Morocco

Educators worldwide have spent two years creatively tending to their students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether by teaching over Zoom or broadcasting lessons over the radio, they have not given up on education....
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New curriculum strengthens literacy alongside climate awareness in Morocco

A project supported by the United States to strengthen literacy in primary schools in Morocco is also providing new opportunities to teach children about climate change and other urgent environmental challenges....
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