NEI Plus and Nigerian government launch “Big Books”

Story time in Nigeria is getting a face lift. Designed to be read aloud and in an interactive setting, the 15 "Big Books" stories comprise a new tool to boost child literacy rates in Nigeria. ...
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Building on NEI Plus’s education gains, Nigerian state governments take larger role in the project

Experts, advocates and the Nigerian government have set a new agenda to improve primary education in two Northern states, including state officials taking greater ownership of the activities....
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Nigeria – Northern Education Initiative Plus

More than 30 percent of school-aged children in Northern Nigeria do not have access to basic education. The quality of education is also often lacking. To address these challenges, the Nigeria Northern Education Initiative Plus (NEI+) seeks to improve access and quality of education for more than 2 million school-aged children and youth in three northern states....
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LIBERIA: ALP PLUS Provides Young Adults a Second Chance at Education

LIBERIA: ALP PLUS Provides Young Adults a Second Chance at Education Second chances are rare for Liberia’s young adults, particularly those in their early thirties who lack a basic education. But ALP PLUS is enabling many young adults to receive... Read More

Reading project praised by Nigeria’s Vice President at education conference

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo recognized the successes of Northern Education Initiative Plus (NEI Plus) and encouraged communities to use education to build the country’s potential....
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Keeping communities at the center of development

By Semere Solomon

February 1, 2021   |   0 comments

Creative's Semere Solomon shares examples of community-anchored development from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Bangladesh and highlights the value in designing programming around local needs, priorities and solutions....
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