From safe spaces to jobs, new approaches to crime & violence prevention

Communities across El Salvador are taking part in innovative solutions to prevent crime and violence and generate opportunity for at-risk youth. From training for in-demand jobs to philharmonic orchestras, the USAID Crime and Violence Prevention Project and the Salvadoran municipalities are helping communities to turn the tide of violence and crime.

At age 14, Maria had a reputation as a troublemaker and was at risk of leaving school. But with support from a counselor and a unique program for at-risk youth and their families, Maria turned her life around.

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On the outskirts of San Vicente, a new playground is bringing hope to a community once plagued by crime and violence. See how safe spaces are helping to transform neighborhoods across the country.

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In communities across El Salvador, music is helping at-risk youth to steer clear of a life of gangs and crime. Youth orchestras are part of a holistic approach to prevent crime and violence and spread opportunity.

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Ever always dreamed of becoming a chef, but like many youth in his town his dreams seemed out of reach. All this changed when Ever enrolled in a vocational education program supported by USAID.

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