Evidence, family and an innovative approach to reducing youth risk

In Honduran communities with alarming levels of crime and violence, a small number of youth are most at risk of falling into the gangs that fuel conflict in their neighborhoods.  The USAID Proponte Más project’s evidence-based approach identifies these youth and works through specially trained family counselors to put them on a more peaceful and promising path. Meet the families and youth that are building resilience, reducing risk and envisioning a brighter future.

Teenage cousins Steven and Yuvini were at high risk for joining a gang, but through a unique family-based violence prevention program, the boys and their family are working together to lower those risk factors for violence and build resilience.

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Despite the relative isolation of the Garifuna community, there are warning signs that Garifuna youth are not immune to the risk of becoming involved in gangs. Meet a family working to draw on traditional strengths to reduce their sons’ risk.

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After being released from juvenile detention, Fernando is getting the support he needs to bolster his chances of successful reintegration. See how Proponte Más is helping to make rehabilitation a priority for the state and a reality for youth and families.

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