10 photos celebrating youth worldwide

By Evelyn Rupert and Ashley Williams

Whether they are teaching early grade reading or learning vocational skills, youth are a key part in our programming across the globe. Take a journey through Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East to see how youth are impacting and impacted by our projects.


MOROCCO | Fatima, 22, is pursuing a master’s in Monitoring and Evaluation in Education. She works as a summer reading camp facilitator in a classroom that brings together students who are deaf and hearing. National Program for Reading


NIGERIA | By training new teachers in engaging and evidence-based early grade reading strategies, Bauchi and Sokoto states are building a literacy foundation for years to come. Northern Education Initiative Plus


EL SALVADOR | At FORMATE centers in El Salvador, youth get hands-on training to build new skills, like these two students who learned how to repair outboard motors. Crime and Violence Prevention Project


PAKISTAN | During Uroosa’s first year of teaching, she had to fix up a school in disrepair and go around to each home in the community to convince parents to send their children to school. She used her early grade reading training to help students succeed.  Pakistan Reading Project


SAINT LUCIA | Preparing youth for success means giving them access to in-demand skills and new innovations. In the Caribbean, high school students are learning about coding and robotics. Community, Family and Youth Resilience

HONDURAS | A team of family counselors and promoters works with youth in vulnerable neighborhoods to build their resilience to violence and strengthen family cohesion. Proponte Más


AFGHANISTAN | Continuing education and job skills training for young professionals helped them succeed in their careers, increase incomes and start businesses. Afghanistan Workforce Development Program


NICARAGUA | Youth on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast, particularly ethnic minorities and women, face many obstacles to education. Technical and vocational training are creating new opportunities and helping women enter non-traditional fields. Aprendo y Emprendo


HONDURAS | In the Dry Corridor of Honduras, dedicated staff like Dayra are bringing nutrition and sanitation education to rural communities and helping parents keep their families healthy. Dry Corridor Alliance – PROSASUR


Washington, D.C. | Last but not least, we have our own youth (and kids on their way to becoming youth!) at Creative HQ’s Bring Your Child to Work Day. They spent the day learning about how to make a difference and the work their parents do. The future looks bright with these development pros in the making! Learn more about opportunities to join the Creative family.

Photography by: Ashley Williams, Erick Gibson, Chaudhry Saboor, Brent Beckles, Janey Fugate, Jim Huylebroek and Gretchen Robleto.

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