2018 in focus: A year of global development in photos

At Creative, 2018 brought new development challenges, opportunities to spark positive change and personal stories of the impact of our programs across the world. From fruit exports in Afghanistan to bilingual learning in Mozambique, check out the photos that shaped the year.

Workers hoist watermelons into a truck at the Takana Dry & Fresh Fruit Processing Co. in Kabul, Afghanistan. The company received training in exports from the USAID-funded Afghanistan Workforce Development Program and is working to boost its international business. Photo by Jim Huylebroek.

Bringing new life to a public space, a young man works on a mural in El Salvador as part of the Street Art program, an initiative of the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador in partnership with the USAID-funded Crime and Violence Prevention Project and Glasswing El Salvador. Photo by Gerson Lara.

A first-grade teacher works with his Elomwe-speaking students in Zambezia province, Mozambique. The USAID-funded Vamos Ler! (Let’s Read!) program seeks to improve early-grade literacy in Mozambique by working with the government to develop quality bilingual education, teaching students to read in their mother-tongue language before transitioning to lessons in the national language of Portuguese in grade 4. Photo by Erick Gibson.


Creative President and CEO Leland Kruvant visits USAID’s Community, Family and Youth Resilience program, meeting with youth and community members in Saint Lucia and St. Kitts and Nevis. Photo by Brent Beckles.

Amina Abdallah (center), member of the Tanzania Bora Initiative, poses with some of the other members of her dance troupe in Dar Es Salaam. The U.S. Department of State-funded Greater Resilience through Enhanced Analysis (GREAT) program in Tanzania supported entrepreneurs like Amina to start small enterprises, in this case her dance troupe, to strengthen community resilience to violent extremism. Photo by Erick Gibson.

A young girl at school in Herat, Afghanistan. The five-year Afghan Children Read program, funded by USAID, works with the Ministry of Education to implement a sustainable, scalable and evidence-based national early grade reading program for students in grades 1 through 3. Photo by Jim Huylebroek.

Creative COO Pablo Maldonado (center) inaugurates the office of CREA Consultores in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Subsidiaries in Honduras and El Salvador will strengthen Creative’s roots in the two countries and continue the organization’s legacy of sustainable development across the region. Photo by José Granados.

Young women are breaking stereotypes and pursuing careers in auto mechanics with a technical education from vocational school Fe y Alegría in Nicaragua. The USAID-funded Aprendo y Emprendo program is working to strengthen technical education centers and award scholarships to at-risk youth, with a focus on women and ethnic minorities. Photo by Gretchen Robleto.

Youth in Saint Lucia put their coding skills to the test at a multi-school “hackathon” event. The USAID-funded Community, Family and Youth Resilience Program supported the introduction of coding curriculum in four Saint Lucia schools, reaching about 240 students. Photo by Brent Beckles.