7 must-reads of 2017: A look back at the stories that inspired us

December 20, 2017

With nearly 30 development projects globally, 2017 has been a year of inspiring stories of positive change from some of the most vulnerable communities where Creative works.

Follow a textbook’s perilous journey through the mountains of Afghanistan into the hands of students and meet youth launching careers as boat mechanics in coastal Nicaragua.

Check out the top stories of 2017!

Can classrooms help students heal? Meet the learners, educators and government partners who are proving the power of social emotional learning to support students as they build new lives after escaping Boko Haram.

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In a climate-fragile region of Honduras, a new project is helping smallholder farmers like Juan Escobar and his family face the challenges of the dry season.

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A new innovative book tracking technology system is minimizing the interference in deliveries and ensuring that textbooks find their way to students and teachers who need them the most.

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Teenage cousins Steven and Yuvini were at high risk for joining a gang, but through a unique family-based violence prevention program, the boys and their family are working together to lower those risk factors for violence and build resilience.

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Four buses carrying hundreds of storybooks are navigating through several districts in Pakistan, adding a new chapter of opportunity for students in hard-to-reach primary schools.

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A group of St. Lucia teachers are gearing up for the academic year with a new tool: robots. A summer training and new equipment prepared the educators to bring coding and robotics lessons to students.

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Crouched behind an engine on the back of a small motor boat, 19-year-old Soliange Pollack has a steady hand as waves rock her. A woman in a male-dominated field, she is determined to succeed and be an inspiration to others.

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