Faryab Communities Reconcile

May 22, 2012


Rural communities often have to vie with their neighbors for vital natural resources, creating tension. Three villages – Tort Kol, Faizabad and Rahmatabad – in Shirin Tagab District of Faryab Province, with a long history of conflict over irrigation water were brought together through the USAID-funded Community Based Stabilization Grants Program.

Due to a poor irrigation infrastructure, the irrigation canals in Shirin Tagab could not provide enough irrigation water to all three villages. The Tort Kol Community Development Council, which represents all three villages, requested USAID funding for the labor and materials to remove debris and line the 10km irrigation canal with stones to prevent leaks. The project brought the communities closer together and strengthened their ties to the local government. The project was implemented in coordination with the Provincial Line Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock.

At the closing ceremony, Haji Hamidullah, a community elder in Tort Kol Village, stated, “We are happy that through the project we could resolve the conflict with our neighbors. Now everyone gets enough irrigation water. The successful completion of the project was a result of cooperation between community members and our local government. We are committed to continuing our cooperation with the local government and our neighbors in the future.”

Through implementation of a range of small-scale projects, USAID supports stabilization and empowering Afghans to take an active part in their own development and security through active collaboration with their local government. The CBSG project was implemented by Creative Associates International.

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