Irrigation Project Builds Stability

July 12, 2011


Ribbon cutting celebrates rehabilitation of irrigation system in Deh Sabz District.

One of the priority districts of USAID’s Community Based Stabilization Grants Program (CBSG), Deh Sabz District, is located northeast of Kabul. It borders the relatively insecure Surobi District situated on the Kabul-Jalalabad Highway, as well as provinces bordering Pakistan. Thus, the District’s geographical location makes it of strategic importance to the U.S.’s counter insurgency efforts.

To show good will toward these border communities, the Creative-implemented USAID/CBSG provides them much needed services. Deh Sabz District provides good opportunities for implementing CBSG projects given its proximity to the Kabul-Jalalabad Highway. Due to the Provincial Line Department of Agriculture and Irrigation’s limited financial resources, the need to supply an irrigation system to the District’s community went unanswered. The lack of an irrigation system to water the Community’s agricultural lands greatly diminished their crops and livelihoods. Seizing an opportunity to address the Community’s unmet needs, USAID/CBSG funded the construction of two reservoirs in the Jeeran and Seh Qala villages of the District. The irrigation project addressed critical concerns of a population at-risk for insurgent recruitment by using an integrated approach which rewards community development activities.

The three-month project which employed 649 Afghans held a ceremony on 8 May 2011. “The project has given residents hope for the future as water reservoirs will ensure enough water will flow to agricultural fields which will improve the economic situation of the community,” said Malik Ajab Khan, Head of the Community Development Council. “I am grateful to USAID/CBSG for providing financial support to the project and am thankful for the active support of the local government during the implementation of the project.”

This collaboration between the Community and the local government demonstrated that the government is invested in addressing their needs. The project is part of USAID/CBSG’s continued efforts to support local government engagement of communities in unstable areas.

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