Sweet Success for Women in Ghor

July 12, 2011


Through an ASGP grant, women in Ghor Province are building a future.

Chaqcharan town is in the center of Ghor province. Unlike capital cities elsewhere in the world, women are rarely involved in outdoor and social activities. Their activities are restricted to domestic chores with no access to income-generation or self-sufficiency. Employment prospects are among the lowest in the country.

Ms. Sosan Yazdani is a rare local activist. She works for women’s rights and women’s self-sufficiency. She established the Afghan Organization for Women Affairs four years ago and implemented some projects funded by USAID and other donors in Ghor province. When the Creative-managed ASGP team visited Ghor, she was one of the first women who came forward to apply for a grant with an initiative to help women’s economic growth in the community.

Ms. Yazdani applied for a Quick Impact Grant, with assistance from an ASGP Capacity Development Facilitator, to implement a project to teach 20 women in Chaqcharan city how to bake and market cookies and candies. The project is enabling participants to generate a growing income from sales of products, which will help ensure viable economic sustainability of the initiative.

During the first three months of the project, the women learned the cookie and candy-making skills and generated $2,200 despite having only basic marketing skills. The products are improving and the demand is growing in Ghor. The group intends to expand the project by involving more women in the business.

Ms. Yazdani says, “Only women can solve their own problems. We should aim to provide similar opportunities for other women in Ghor.”

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