Women Milk Their Money

November 29, 2011


Learning standard methods of processing milk became available through a grant teaching animal husbandry skills.

Social activities and income generating opportunities for women are rare in Farah Province, one of the least developed and insecure areas in the country. Living conditions for women in rural areas are harsh. The majority of women in this province live in poverty and isolation.

Thirteen years ago, Rahima, a woman from Regi Village in Farah Province, established the Regi Village Cooperative, a women’s association that provides women with sources of income by implementing economic development projects. The cooperative recently applied for a quick impact grant from ASGP to provide machines for standard milk processing and organize trainings in dairy product processing. The collective learning process also gave the women an opportunity to leave their homes and exchange valuable information about health, hygiene, nutrition, and other issues.

“We are now providing training to 20 poor women who will be able to process milk of a good standard and generate income for their families,” Rahima explains. Women are also able to use some of the milk for the nutrition of their own families.

The grant also enabled the registration of the Regi Village Cooperative with the Afghan Government. The registration will help the cooperative attract funding from other sources and implement more useful projects for the community.

—Alexandra Barnett

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