Creative 2019: Our year in photos

Over a busy year, Creative’s programs took new strides in education, economic growth, governance, citizen security, elections and more. We celebrated the launch of an exciting new program in West Africa, were named USAID’s Large Business Partner of the Year and conducted a comprehensive study of the root causes of migration from the Northern Triangle of Central America. As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back at a few of the most memorable moments. Here are a few photos that capture 2019 at Creative.

The USAID-funded Northern Education Initiative Plus is working to improve access to and quality of education in Nigeria. In addition to collaborating on reading material and training teachers, the project trains community mobilizers to encourage parents to send their children to school. Photo by Erick Gibson.


Basic Sanitation Supervisor Dayra Escalante discusses hygiene and nutrition with a young mother in Honduras’ Dry Corridor. The Dry Corridor Alliance project aims to lift families like hers out of extreme poverty and reduce chronic childhood malnutrition in target communities. Photo by Janey Fugate.

Creative’s President and CEO Leland Kruvant meets with Governor Abdul Qayom Rahimi of Herat, Afghanistan. Creative and regional co-sponsors hosted a series of events and business development roundtables in Herat aimed at addressing some of the region’s steepest economic development challenges. Photo by Wasim Mirzaie.

A teacher raises a question during a workshop in Segou, Mali, where the USAID Peacebuilding, Stabilization and Reconciliation program trained teachers on how to build their students’ resilience to violent extremism. Photo by Beyond Borders Media.  

Young chile producers in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua receive technical assistance and supplies to help them improve their yield and income. The USAID Aprendo y Emprendo program works across a range of sectors to build youth skills and access to job and entrepreneurship opportunities. Photo by José Collado. 

In Amchide, Cameroon, the USAID/OTI Northern Cameroon Initiative mobilized youth volunteers to help revitalize the city after a devastating attack by Boko Haram in 2014. The newly reopened health center, for example, has brought back residents who were forced to flee. Photo by Joel Kouam. 

Who says counseling can’t be fun? A family counselor plays a memory card game with a family she’s worked with over the last year through the USAID violence prevention project Proponte Más in Honduras. Photo by Janey Fugate. 

Early grade readers in Afghanistan are benefiting from new, colorful textbooks that use evidence-based approaches to literacy. Their teachers have been trained through the USAID Afghan Children Read project to make learning to read engaging and effective. Photo by Jim Huylebroek.

In rural Guatemala, Eugenia Vasquez pauses from her chores to play with her daughter. A single mother, Eugenia tried to reach the United States to seek a better opportunity for her family thereShe is one of the many people Creative interviewed in a multimedia project and in-depth study on the factors driving migration in the Northern Triangle. Photo by Janey Fugate.