In Afghanistan, Creative’s President and CEO, M. Charito Kruvant, Finds Children Learning and Thriving

Charito_Afghan When Creative’s President and CEO, M. Charito Kruvant, visited the firm’s three projects in Afghanistan recently, she found the proof of impact that she was looking for.

She met scores of happy and outgoing students. She also met with NGO representatives who she found to be far more sure of their roles in civil society.

“The work is complex, the environment is rugged and the results are there,” Mrs. Kruvant said after her return. “The children are really learning. Seeing the children laughing, giggling and making eye contact when they speak is the most invigorating work I’ve ever been involved in.”

Mrs. Kruvant witnessed the impact of a teacher training program that focuses on student-centered teaching methodology, implemented by the Building Education Support Systems for Teachers (BESST) project in 11 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. She also visited schools in Panjsher province.

In partnerships with the Ministry of Education, Creative’s BESST program is improving teaching practices and building school administrators’ abilities to manage teachers, as well as working toward improving policy-making and planning systems, developing teacher recruitment and deployment practices, and developing a credentialing system for teachers. BESST is supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

“Our staff is so committed and our partners are so clear about their mission,” Mrs. Kruvant said.

She also visited the Capacity Development Program, also funded by USAID. As a member of the BearingPoint consortium, Creative implements the NGO component of the CDP which works to strengthen Afghan NGOs so they may provide Afghans with basic public services, urban renewal, advocacy and emergency assistance.

She said she noticed a confidence among NGO representatives and others with whom she met. “The men whom I encountered this time are more comfortable in the presence of women,” Mrs. Kruvant said. “I really appreciated that.”

In another project, Creative supports the USAID Afghanistan Initiative to Promote Afghan Civil Society, engaging media and outreach to improve the roles and visibility of civil society.

“I am so glad I was able to have the opportunity to spend time with our project teams,” she said. “I’m counting the days until I can go back. Afghanistan is beautiful.”

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