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Portable parks promote community in El Salvador

Miniature parks are on the move in El Salvador and contributing to a larger process of restoring and reclaiming public spaces to make residents feel safe and engaged in their communities. Learn More...


New study reveals factors that drive migrants to leave Central America

A comprehensive study found that most migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala originate from just 60 municipalities, across which specific factors that push them to leave and solutions to abate those factors differ greatly Learn More...


Five ways Creative supports democracy in Africa

From strengthening women's involvement in political processes to detecting early signs of electoral violence, Creative is supporting democracy through several unique programs. Learn More...


Educators and community open doors for young Afghans with early grade reading

Haseeba, a third grader in Herat, has risen to the top of her class in poetry thanks to new curriculum, materials and methods implemented by Afghan Children Read. Learn More...


Deaf advocate paves way for inclusive education in Nicaragua

With support from the USAID Aprendo y Emprendo project, Cheysi Smith is breaking down barriers to education for other students with disabilities and achieving her dreams of higher education. Learn More...


Nigerian businesses discuss moving from aid to trade through Prosper Africa

Key players in the Nigerian private sector convened to discuss Prosper Africa, the new U.S. government initiative that aims to double U.S. trade and investment with Africa over five years. Learn More...