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Supporting distributed leadership in Somalia’s education sector

Conflict, environmental disasters and displacement make it difficult to provide quality education to Somalia’s children and youth. Instability derails access to school, training educators and getting materials to students. It also destroys a community’s sense of trust and wellbeing, which are critical to building resilience and learning. Learn More...


Education for Life: The Promise of 21st Century Skills

“Why should my children bother with education if they can’t find a job? – better to work at a carshop and learn real work skills – a diploma won’t feed him” declared my taxi driver in Honduras on a recent trip, as my heart sunk knowing that while dignified and necessary work, his kids’ chances for social mobility were probably null. Learn More...


Education transformation in Muslim societies: A discourse of hope

Developing societies must adopt agendas of hope to break the cycle of depression that lack of progress brings and to galvanize energy for finding solutions. Learn More...


Sewing a Path to Resilience in Mali

Sewing is more than stitching together fabric. A community that is trying to recover from conflict in Mali, sewing is building skills, entrepreneurship and social cohesion. Learn More...


Healing minds and hearts with culturally relevant support

Totonicapán, Guatemala – “I didn’t see a way out of this situation, except to just put up with it,” shares Mercedes, a survivor of gender-based violence, indigenous woman and single mother from the Western Highlands. Learn More...


What does the evidence tell us about teaching reading comprehension in Latin America?

Reading is the basis of knowledge. From learning about history and science, to navigating day to day tasks and being able to get lost in a fantasy world – this is all possible by reading and understanding what we read, what we know as reading comprehension. Learn More...