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The face of a youth anti-violence movement

In gang-dominated neighborhoods of Honduras, Santiago Avila is a force for good. To the youth in his group, he is family. Go inside the movement offering youth a positive alternative to gangs. Learn More...


Transforming towns together: The collective strategy to prevent violence in El Salvador

In areas once plagued by gang violence, communities are making data-based decisions to keep residents safer and standing together to create opportunity for their youth. Meet the residents of one such Salvadoran town. Learn More...


Overcoming learning barriers in Afghanistan requires close partnership

In this Q&A, Mamdouh Fadil, Ph.D., Chief of Party of Afghan Children Read, discusses the importance of a collaborative, strategic partnership with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education in delivering a quality education program. Learn More...


Work with us for real change, say West African youth leaders

Young West African social entrepreneurs are eager to take on some of the toughest challenges in their communities and to partner with the global development community, a panel of student leaders told Creative. Learn More...


Workforce program brings better jobs and wages for nearly 30,000 Afghans

Nearly 30,000 workers and job seekers have secured new jobs or promotions through the Afghanistan Workforce Development Program. Thousands more have gained skills to excel in their careers. Learn More...


On horseback, nutrition workers reach isolated Honduran town

When the roads to remote communities get particularly rough, nutrition workers leave their vehicles behind and saddle up to help combat malnutrition. Learn More...