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Pakistan Reading Project wins Literacy Program of the Year

USAID's Pakistan Reading Project is recognized at the 2020 Literacy Program Awards after seven years of working to improve children's literacy and leave a legacy of education policy reforms. Learn More...


What the U.S. could learn from contentious elections in other countries

Creative's elections experts drawn on their collective international experience to offer recommendations and best practices to head off potential violence around the November 2020 election. Learn More...


Shifting perceptions of local partners for more sustainable development

The COVID-19 pandemic offers a needed shift in thinking about how to best work with local partners for sustainable development, writes Creative's Semere Solomon. Learn More...


Manuel Orozco: Migration, economic recovery and COVID-19

In this Q&A, the director of Creative's Center for Migration and Economic Stabilization discusses his work in migration, remittances and how they relate to economic development. Learn More...


Honduras’ President Juan Orlando Hernández visits the southern Dry Corridor

Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández visited the small community of Jacalito, in Namasigüe, Choluteca. He was there to see how the Dry Corridor Alliance is supporting smallholder farmers growing in one of the most climate-fragile regions in the world.   Learn More...


Successful Arabic language curriculum reform in Morocco

Senior Technical Advisor of Literacy Instruction Fathi El-Ashry explains how a "enjoyable and worthwhile" approach led to a successful overhaul in the way Moroccan primary school educators teach Arabic, the building block for continued learning. Learn More...