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What Afghanistan will lose if women lose

Women have made an enormous contribution to Afghanistan's economy over the past 19 years, and their continued economic engagement is crucial for the country's future, write Creative's Rebecca Sewall and Manizha Wafeq. Learn More...


Data shows that family counseling works

Creative's representatives from our project in the Caribbean presented findings, methodology and impact from family counseling programs designed for youth in vulnerable communities. Learn More...


Improving economic livelihoods for women in the Dry Corridor

Despite the pandemic, four women in Honduras' Dry Corridor co-manage a grocery store, a micro enterprise supported through the Dry Corridor Alliance. Learn More...


COVID-19 and migration: Current impacts and future trends

What does the pandemic mean for migrants and migration flows? A panel of experts shared their insights on the patterns they’re seeing and the need to strengthen migrant inclusion post-COVID. Learn More...


Tejiendo Paz, Guatemalan governments sign accords to reduce conflict in communities

Our project in Guatemala forges partnerships with local and departmental governments to build frameworks for resolving social conflict and addressing issues like migration, COVID-19 and intrafamilial violence. Learn More...


Job placement platform uses AI to bring un-biased services to youth

In Nicaragua, Aprendo y Emprendo launches a new job placement platform for disadvantaged youth and companies looking for employees. The process is gender blind and prevents bias towards youth with disabilities. Learn More...