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A veteran teacher in Somalia learns new ways to support young readers

Ali Mohamed has been an educator in Mogadishu since 1975. He has seen decades of conflict, schools destroyed, and educators and students displaced. Learn More...


Four lessons from 20 years of literacy work

My literacy journey began 20 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Niger. It was there that I saw the dynamics of literacy up close and how a few key elements can make all the difference for young learners. Learn More...


Education as a life-sustaining activity in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's two-year conflict displaced millions of people, caused deep traumas and upended education. USAID’s READ II Education Recovery Activity pivoted to support students and educators in Northern Ethiopia who were forced out of their homes into displacement camps and host communities. Learn More...


Bridging the gap from direct implementation to technical assistance 

Everyone rose when the Honorable Executive Governor entered the receiving hall. He and an entourage of officials moved swiftly through the room with press cameras trailing behind to welcome our delegation back to Sokoto. Learn More...


Promoting credible information in West Africa

As internet and social media use increases across West Africa, so does the prevalence of misinformation, disinformation and malinformation (MDM). Learn More...


17-year-old goes from shoe shiner to first-time student

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Hussein Sheik Sidow, age 17, is the oldest in his level two accelerated basic education class, but he is not discouraged by the age gap between him and his peers. Learn More...