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Carrying positive messages farther with Amplio Talking Books

Effective communication is crucial for mitigating conflict in communities. However, in impoverished and remote areas with low literacy rates and limited connectivity, communication channels are often inadequate. Learn More...


This soy company is empowering rural woman farmers

In a small village outside Sotouboua, Togo, Rachida Djobo is empowering women to get involved in soy farming, providing them with financial independence and self-sufficiency. Learn More...


Investing in a local community through shea butter production and export

Bringing economic expertise from abroad to boost women’s livelihoods in Côte d'Ivoire Learn More...


A Q&A with the Sembrando Esperanza team in Honduras

Poverty, crime and violence plague parts of Honduras, driving irregular migration to neighboring countries. The five-year Sembrando Esperanza (“planting hope” in Spanish) Activity focuses on local solutions to crime, violence and migration in Honduras. Learn More...


Citizens improve water access with Syria’s FURAT III program

Recent improvements in water service in northeastern Syria are serving as examples of the importance of citizen engagement in the provision of essential public services.  Learn More...


Newton Barreno Rosales: Entrepreneur, leader, inspiration

In a small community of Totonicapán, a young man named Newton Barreno Rosales has a big presence. Learn More...