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Re-mapping global education: Expert insights at CIES 2018

At CIES 2018, Creative’s education experts share best practices in providing access to quality education in complex learning environments from Afghanistan to Nigeria. Learn More...


Creative launches initiative to foster development of young leaders

A new initiative will support a talented group of Creative’s young team members from around the world to grow professionally, network and build leadership skills. Learn More...


One in five children is not accessing education: UNESCO report

In the last five years, the global growth of the number of children in classrooms has been stagnant. Creative’s Eileen St. George and Karen Tietjen reflect on effective education approaches. Learn More...


Nicaraguan women forge their own paths to technical careers

With technical education, young women in Nicaragua are entering fields of study and work that have traditionally been exclusive to men, from agriculture to auto mechanics. Learn More...


Somaliland: A Voice and a Vote- Mobilizing women in the 2017 presidential election

In the 2017 presidential election in Somaliland, women played critical roles as civil society leaders, poll workers, party agents and voters with support from the USAID BUILD project. Learn More...


Promoting gender equality for stronger communities

When every person, regardless of gender, has equal access to opportunities, it sparks positive effects within individuals, communities and the larger systems at work. Learn More...