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West Africa Trade Hub opens a fund for COVID-19 related relief for businesses

The West Africa Trade and Investment Hub is poised to issue grants to support West African businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Learn More...


Market systems and the resilience of Nigeria’s maize market amid COVID-19

In this blog for the Market Systems Development Hub, Creative's Emmet Murphy takes a look at the resilience of the Nigerian maize market and the impact of COVID-19. Learn More...


Creative Chats: COVID-19 and youth skills in Central America

From Central America, Creative's Rodrigo Morán and Juan Manuel Sánchez discuss the shifting landscape of digital skills youth will need to move forward from the pandemic and the challenges and opportunities of technical education. Learn More...


Working in Afghanistan to support education during COVID-19

Creative's Susan Hirsch-Ayari discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic is compounding the challenges to education in Afghanistan and highlights how the Afghan Children Read project is supporting parents to keep their children engaged in learning. Learn More...


Apopa, El Salvador: Community-led violence intervention at work

Two years ago, the municipality of Apopa ranked second for its homicide rates in El Salvador. Today, it has dropped to 31. Community-centered interventions are at the heart of a place-based violence prevention strategy supported by USAID. Learn More...


Global examples of reconciliation to support peace in Afghanistan

A research task force from American University, guided by a former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, draws on Creative's experience to make informed recommendations for reconciliation efforts in one of the world's most complex countries. Learn More...