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Creative appoints Tom Wheelock to its Global Advisory Board

Creative appoints Tom Wheelock to its Global Advisory Board. Learn More...


Indigenous Authorities and Youth Leaders Strengthen Sense of Community

For the Maya, “nahual” is the energy, spirit or strength that brings to life and guides a person each day. Everyone has a nahual, which is based on the day that they are born, and it connects them with nature to promote harmony and balance. Learn More...


Creative appoints new Vice President to lead its largest division

Sharon Van Pelt has been appointed Vice President and Senior Director of the Communities in Transition Division at Creative Associates International, a social-impact company implementing development programs in more than 30 countries.  Learn More...


Mozambique: A 2-minute tour of USAID’s Vamos Ler!/Let’s Read

Reading comprehension and literacy increased significantly for early grade students in 1,900 schools in rural Mozambique. This new, 2-minute video explains those results. Learn More...


USAID’s Trade Hub, Burt’s Bees collaborate to boost women’s economic opportunities

Bees are often seen as pests that are best kept at a distance. For smallholder farmers in Ghana who produce shea butter, soon the bees will be welcomed guests.  Learn More...


On Democracy

The complexity of democracy, in its purist form, is a tension between individual rights and collective good. Today, we see this tension playing out in nearly every democratic country, including the United States.   Learn More...