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Creative’s on-site early childhood education preps kids for school, boosts staff morale

A new model for employer-supported, early childhood education could benefit companies and their staff. Tassew Zewdie, former Chief of Party for Creative's USAID-Read to Succeed project, explains “The Creative Way”. Learn More...


Creative welcomes new Compliance Director

Creative welcomes Joe Kale as its new Compliance Director. He will oversee compliance efforts at headquarters and projects in more than 25 countries, ensuring company conduct continues to exceed Creative’s high standards. Learn More...


Boko Haram: Journey From Evil

A new documentary produced by Voice of America provides a never-before-seen look inside Boko Haram and profiles the heroic efforts of everyday Nigerians taking a stand against the terrorist group. Learn More...


VOA documentary on Boko Haram & peacemakers premieres

The Voice of America documentary, “Boko Haram: Journey from Evil,” premiered in Washington, D.C., Nov. 2 to more than 300 people. Click for highlights for the event. Learn More...


Passage to past elections: Timor-Leste chooses ballots over bullets

A vote for independence can be costly—both in terms of political resources and, unfortunately, human life. The newly independent Southeast Asian country of Timor-Leste is a case in point. Learn More...


Accountability at all levels key to improving education: UNESCO report

Accountability is key to making real progress in achieving quality basic education for all children, UNESCO finds in its annual Global Education Monitoring Report. Learn More...