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Private sector, exports engines for Afghanistan’s growth and stability

At a roundtable in Kabul, Creative President and CEO Leland Kruvant and top business leaders discussed ways to support the private sector and exporters as an engine of economic recovery. Learn More...


With technical education, young entrepreneurs launch small businesses

In Nicaragua, young entrepreneurs are gaining the skills and confidence they need to pursue their goals and launch businesses of their own with technical education and vocational training. Learn More...


7 big takeaways from the new USG Education Strategy

A new strategy will guide the U.S. government’s work in international education. We asked Creative’s Education in Conflict Director Eileen St. George about her top takeaways from the new strategy. Learn More...


Advancing a new approach to DDR and stabilization

Disarming, demobilizing and reintegrating former fighters is as old as war itself. But the approach and science of DDR has changed dramatically. Creative’s Dean Piedmont introduces a new framework to inform a DDR paradigm. Learn More...


Facing drought and floods, Honduran farmers must build resilience

A season of extreme weather hit farmers in the Honduras Dry Corridor hard this year, causing food insecurity and loss of income and underscoring the need to strengthen resilience to climate fragility in the region. Learn More...


School supplies break down barriers to education in Ethiopia

The USAID-funded READ II program provided school and recreational materials to displaced children, easing some of the hardships that can impede students’ return to school after crises. Learn More...