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New Bilingual Education Strategy is a big win for learners in Mozambique

A new 10-year national Bilingual Education Strategy has reached Mozambique’s Council of Ministers for approval. This sets out a plan for all teachers to be proficient in teaching bilingual education in 2020. Learn More...


San Salvador inaugurates Outreach Center to serve city’s vulnerable youth

The first Outreach Center in San Salvador and the 169th across the country recently opened its doors to provide a safe space, resources and opportunities for learning to the area's children and youth. Learn More...


Feed the Future Trade and Investment Hub launches in West Africa

The West Africa Trade and Investment Hub will leverage private sector investment to increase competitiveness of West African businesses, improve livelihoods, strengthen value chains and catalyze economic growth in the region. Learn More...


Inclusive education reaches diverse Moroccan learners

The National Program for Reading in Morocco extends success to summer programs, students with different needs and indigenous learners. Learn More...


Healthy homes and harvests for families in Honduras’ Dry Corridor

One thousand families in Honduras' Dry Corridor are seeing many changes this season from new crops to improved stoves and clean water as part of wraparound support from the ACS-PROSASUR project. Learn More...


New study reveals factors that drive migrants to leave Central America

A comprehensive study found that most migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala originate from just 60 municipalities, across which specific factors that push them to leave and solutions to abate those factors differ greatly Learn More...