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Nigerian businesses discuss moving from aid to trade through Prosper Africa

Key players in the Nigerian private sector convened to discuss Prosper Africa, the new U.S. government initiative that aims to double U.S. trade and investment with Africa over five years. Learn More...


Saliendo Adelante: Why migrants risk it all

"Saliendo Adelante: Why migrants risk it all" is one of the most-comprehensive analyses of the local factors that drive people to migrate from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to the United States. Learn More...


Blockchain the vote: Creative conducts blockchain-based election in 15 countries

From Somalia to St. Lucia, 400 staff members around the globe recently cast their ballots in Creatives’ first blockchain election, an important first step toward utilizing blockchain technology in real elections. Learn More...


Small businesses spark connections at Creative engagement event

Small business representatives established relationships and strengthened ties through targeted matchmaking sessions with Creative’s experts during its inaugural Small Business Engagement Event. Learn More...


The Moroccan Ministry of National Education to implement new curriculum

The Moroccan Ministry of National Education announces the new Arabic language curriculum for grades 3 and 4 will be implemented in all primary schools nationwide starting in the 2019-2020 school year. Learn More...


Creative puts its money where its mouth is on pay equity

The most important action an employer can take to promote meaningful diversity is to pay employees by job function, not by their salary histories, explains Creative's Rebecca Sewall. Learn More...