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READ Act signed into law, a win for global education

Creative applauds the enactment of the Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development (READ) Act, which will help ensure that children across the world have access to quality education. Learn More...


Nigeria education project wins USAID case competition

Leveraging the Collaborating, Learning and Adapting approach to improve programmatic success, the Nigeria Education Crisis Response project has established more than 900 non-formal learning centers for displaced children and youth. Learn More...


Multilingual education may help build resilience to violence, say experts

In multilingual, multicultural societies, excluding minority languages from the classroom may perpetuate disenfranchisement and heighten intergroup tensions, say experts. Learn More...


#LiteracyDay: Tracking, texting and teaching to boost reading around the globe

Globally, students are powering on mobile phones to read words on the screen and turning the paper pages of colorful storybooks. This Literacy Day, Creative shares stories on the power of reading to improve lives. Learn More...


Journey within Afghanistan: Inside Creative’s digital book tracking system

A new innovative book tracking technology system is minimizing the interference in deliveries and ensuring that textbooks find their way to students and teachers who need them the most. Learn More...


A look back at Kosovo: Restoring personal identification through elections

Kosovo turned a page in history in 2000 by voting in multiparty elections to establish new self-government institutions. But before establishing the institutions, creating a civil and voter registry was the first challenge to tackle. Learn More...