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Creative to support out-of-school children in Somalia with nearly $50 million project

Creative will implement a five-year program to increase access to quality education and support accelerated learning for out-of-school children and youth in Somalia. Learn More...


Cameroon: Rebuilding a community

The Northern Cameroon city of Amchide was devastated by a Boko Haram attack that destroyed buildings and sent residents fleeing for safety in neighboring communities. Now, the people of Amchide are breathing new life into the city. Learn More...


The Nigerian private sector: bridging social impact and profitability

The West Africa Trade and Investment Hub believes that freeing up capital and investing it in private companies dedicated to finding solutions and promoting growth is the most powerful way to elevate lives and create lasting impact.  Learn More...


Otília Overcomes: Rural Mozambican girl outshines her peers in reading

Otília's parents and four older sisters are illiterate, but mother tongue instruction through Vamos Ler! has helped her read far more words per minute than the 13,000 other students tested. Learn More...


New VP of Economic Growth division appointed at Creative

Jim Winkler, Ph.D., joins Creative's senior leadership team and will oversee the organization's robust Economic Growth division and programs. Learn More...


The turn of the decade for technology in development and peacebuilding

Creative's Ayan Kishore looks ahead to the increasingly complex role of digital technology in international development and reflects on his years attending the Build Peace conference. Learn More...