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Creative appoints new Vice President of Education for Development Division

Patricia “Tricia” Tibbetts, Ed.D., has been appointed Vice President of Creative Associates International’s Education for Development Division.  Learn More...


Laying the groundwork for democracy: Promoting sustainable elections through inclusive governance in Libya and beyond

To promote democracy worldwide, the United States and global allies must support inclusive governance to create an enabling environment for credible, sustainable elections.  Learn More...


New intersectional analysis provides insights into identities and behaviors among at-risk Hondurans

A new intersectional analysis of the social identities and characteristics of at-risk Hondurans provides significant insights into factors that influence irregular migration, crime or violence. Learn More...


The Mandela Effect and Coaching in International Education

How do these two concepts connect? Let’s describe them both and then search for a connection Learn More...


Strength in unity: LGBTQI+ groups in Guatemala create alliances to advocate for human rights

Santa Cruz de Quiché, Guatemala—Maverick, 27, a university student from the Western Highlands of Guatemala, is focused on finishing his thesis so that he can graduate with a degree in Agronomy Engineering for Agricultural Production Systems. Learn More...


USAID/READ II Activity’s Culmination Event celebrates transformative impact on education in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—For six years, the READ II Activity has supported children and educators across Ethiopia, promoting education as a life-sustaining activity. Learn More...