Creative emphasizes collaboration & innovation

Creative’s approach to development activities is based on more than 40 years of work in nearly 90 countries. During that time, Creative has honed its craft, conducted applied research, established best practices and developed contemporary theories of change—all of which have resulted in positive outcomes for communities.

The organization’s experts know that a one-size-fits-all approach to development does not work. Developing better educational systems, implementing effective strategies to reduce poverty and stabilizing communities during and after conflict each require an approach that takes into consideration a variety of factors. To learn more about approaches related to specific areas, please consult Creative’s areas of expertise.

Constant through these years is the organization’s commitment to promoting collaboration among stakeholders, adaptation to unique situations and a respect for the people where it operates.

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Standardized approaches to development will not succeed in places as diverse and complex as the communities where Creative works. Smart organizations embrace co-creation with local partners and stakeholders. Starting at the proposal development stage and continuing all the way through program implementation, Creative uses co-design techniques to develop solutions to local and regional challenges. Creative’s role is to catalyze and convene, not come in with all the answers.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning are a critical components of Creative’s approach to development. The company’s experts are situated in Creative’s headquarters and its field-implemented projects. These professionals provide internal and external monitoring and evaluation, build the capacity of stakeholders and assist host governments in implementing national monitoring systems.

Independently, or in collaboration with local vendors, Creative will conduct research studies, surveys and impact assessments to understand baseline and contextual issues. This information is applied to project design, and is also used to measure the success and outcome of an initiative.

Technology for Development

Creative’s approach to technology is to provide an ecosystem for applying and adopting technology, like working with private sector companies to develop educational content and software and training teachers on how to effectively and pedagogically incorporate technology tools. The company uses innovative applications of technology across its areas of expertise.

Good Stewardship

Creative’s approach also takes into account its responsibility to clients, donors and partners. Creative has the highest respect for its clients and the stated goals of a program. Whether the client is the U.S. government, the private sector or a global foundation, Creative has in place the financial, programmatic and operational controls to ensure good stewardship of resources.

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