Professional & Fiscal Responsibility

Everyone at Creative—from its founders to its newest hire—is driven to empower communities to seek the change that they desire in order to build a stable, sustainable and peaceful future.

We achieve these goals by performing our work as professionals and within legal, regulatory and other industry boundaries. Our clients, partners and communities look to Creative to be good stewards of resources, transparent in its business dealings and respectful of the people with whom we are working.

Creative has established systems that are designed to meet U.S. government statues and regulations, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 and the Anti-Kickback Act of 1986, among others. Creative also respects and follows agreements that the United States has ratified, such as the 1977 OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and 2005 United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

Creative expects its employees—as well as its partners, clients and donors to comply with these same rules and treaties—and to be personally accountable to meeting these standards.

As a recipient of U.S. funds, Creative actively supports the efforts by the U.S. Agency for International Development, the State Department, and other entities as they implement the President’s Open Government initiative, which USAID describes as “upholding the values of transparency, participation, and collaboration in tangible ways that benefit the American people.”


Creative has a responsibility to be good stewards of both U.S. taxpayer dollars and resources contributed by the private sector, national governments and communities. Without their support, Creative could not complete its global mission.

To that end, Creative’s Chief Financial Officer is responsible for conducting internal audits and supporting external audits conducted by the U.S. government and other authorities. Like other private sector and nonprofit implementers of global programs, Creative is subject to annual financial audits by the U.S. government.


Creative’s Compliance Department, an independent unit that reports directly to the President and CEO, is a critical part of the Company’s efforts to ensure compliance with a vast and ever-growing array of regulations in the United States and other countries and with Creative’s own policies and procedures.

New regulations and business rules in some of the world’s most challenging environments have increased demands on, and scrutiny of, compliance activities during the past few years. Creative’s Compliance Department helps to identify potential problems and deter misconduct.

Creative’s Compliance Department provides assistance in eight critical areas: Advisory services; policies and procedures; education and training; oversight, reviews, inquiries and audits; export compliance; promoting a culture of compliance; identifying emerging trends and compliance issues; and issuing annual risk assessment reports.


Creative expects its staff, implementing partners and others to report cases of fraud and abuse. It is Creative’s policy to promptly report to appropriate U.S. government officials any and all cases of fraud, and to ascertain the credibility of any and all allegations of fraud and misconduct (whether the allegations are from known or anonymous sources, deemed credible or not).

Creative receives, reviews, investigates and properly handles all allegations of fraud and misconduct.

To make a report, please contact: (877) 750-2732 or (202) 772-2137. It may be contacted via email: Fraud&


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