Creative’s methodologies emphasize working at the grass roots level while improving coordination and communication at all governing levels. Creative has decades of experience helping civil society organizations become more effective advocates, especially those whose voices are frequently absent in public discourse: youth, women and other vulnerable populations. Creative has pioneered new approaches to working at the community and municipal levels to address issues facing at-risk youth, including gang violence. More recently Creative has advanced new methodologies that bring community and local government together under a shared responsibility-shared success framework.

Creative’s scalable and replicable methodology engages local partners, including municipal authorities, CSOs, religious leaders, the private sector, local police and judicial actors. Creative also works with CSOs to increase their own financial and institutional capabilities. Through training and grant assistance in areas such as media, public advocacy, rule of law and human rights, Creative has helped innumerable CSOs become vibrant, sustainable forces of change within their communities. Simultaneously, Creative works with local and municipal entities to improve their capacity to deliver basic services and to govern transparently and accountably by providing them with up-to-date tools and training in financial management and fiscal responsibility.



Mali: Artisans for Peace

Artisans for Peace is an initiative designed to teach youth traditional techniques that they may use to start small businesses. By the USAID-funded Peacebuilding, Stabilization and Reconciliation, this activity is led by the nonprofit Aid to Artisans. Learn More...


Setting an example, being the change

San Juan Cotzal, Quiché, Guatemala—Ana Cristina Toma Cruz is a 29-year-old indigenous woman from a small community of San Juan Cotzal. Learn More...


A New Governance Program To Build Resilience in Burkina Faso

The Inclusive Governance for Resilience program will work with government, civil society, private sector and citizens to co-create roadmaps to build resilience and trust that the government will deliver services. Learn More...

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