Economic Growth

Building strong private sectors and developing skilled workforces will ultimately attract investment, create jobs and improve the standard of living for a community. Creative’s economic growth experts work with donors and communities to design and implement approaches that focus on economic equity and empowerment, integrated management of common-pool resources and community resource mobilization,

Creative recognizes that communities are complex markets influenced by local factors. Creative’s programs support sustainable economic activities that expand opportunities, broaden people’s skills and make marketplaces more responsive and resilient.

Creative’s economic growth strategy is based on the idea that community resource mobilization – human, natural, and political – is a fundamental framework for development. This strategy is based on the fact that:

  • Communities are complex markets, governed through local constructs, supported by common supply, service and value chains that may be formal or informal.
  • Workforce development is the human side of supply, services and value chains.
  • Resilience is the ability of communities, ecosystems and households to respond to economic and political shocks in collaborative, positive and responsive ways.

Through its Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Practice Area, Creative assists countries emerging from crisis or conflict in rebounding from economic shocks and moving towards stabilization. These projects focus on livelihoods, enterprise development and value chain development.

To build and strengthen human capital value chains, Creative supports Workforce Development and Youth Employment Education, in partnership with the private sector. Many countries encounter the challenges of high unemployment, low household income and a lack of skilled labor and qualified business managers. Creative’s programs support public and private sector technical training and tertiary education institutions for workforce development, ensuring that the skills of the workforce match the demands of the market.

Stimulating and sustaining local economic development is key to ending poverty. Creative partners with local and national governments, the private sector and community-based organizations to boost local economic growth and strengthen connections to local and export markets. At the heart of these programs are market-driven community-based solutions and productivity-boosting community participation.

For economic growth initiatives to be successful, the private sector must be involved. Creative’s partnerships with the private sector increase the effectiveness, affordability and sustainability of programs. Creative cultivates partnerships at the local level, linking communities and the private sector to build the local capacity of businesses to support development. It engages multinational corporations to participate more actively in inclusive development, helping them advance their core businesses through services that benefit residents as well as the corporations.

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