Benin: Wrestling for peace in Malanville & Karimama



Benin: Wrestling for peace in Malanville & Karimama from Creative Associates Int’l on Vimeo.

In Malanville and Karimama communes in northern Benin, USAID/OTI’s Littorals Regional Initiative leverages popular wrestling competitions to reach youth with peace and social cohesion messages. Throughout the tournament, spectators heard from wrestlers and grantees – Jeunesse Santé Environnement et Développement NGO (JSED-ONG) and DEDRAS – explained the role of youth in encouraging peace and community resilience against violence.

USAID/OTI has organized wrestling tournaments in Karimama and Malanville Communes in Northern Benin. These tournaments have garnered significant interest from youths and wrestling enthusiasts, drawing in thousands of attendees.

Before each bout, our local partners provided education and guidance to the crowds and fighters on peaceful conflict resolution. The positive impact of this sensitization effort has already been observed in the improved relationships between Fulbe and non-Fulbe attendees, who have begun visiting each other’s homes after bonding over their mutual love for wrestling.

The activity is implemented by USAID/OTI’s Littorals Regional Initiative. The opinions expressed in the videos are of the interviewees and may not reflect the position of the U.S. government.

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