Reacting to Early Warning and Response Data in West Africa

West African states have experienced multiple incidents of violence and conflict in recent years. Preventing and mitigating such political violence is essential to building a stable and healthy democratic society.

The five-year “Reacting to Early Warning and Response Data in West Africa” project (called REWARD) supported the Economic Community of West African States’ (ECOWAS) use of innovative technology and applied best practices to detect and respond to conflict across the region from political violence, violent extremism, and ethnic conflict to sectarian tensions, perpetration of atrocities and organized crime.

This U.S. Agency for International Development program was implemented by Creative Associates International. 

Building on Creative’s expertise in early warning and electoral security, the project supported ECOWAS’ goal of catalyzing a sustainable culture of conflict prevention throughout West Africa and boosted the capacity of ECOWAS member states and local partners to prevent electoral violence. REWARD also worked with ECOWAS on a suite of early warning and early response processes and planning tools, including the Joint Analysis and Response Planning (JARP) Compendium. This compendium of frameworks and manuals details a holistic and collaborative human security early warning and early response system.

Civil society and ECOWAS member states are key partners in helping to improve the effectiveness of conflict response initiatives.

Creative carried out the project in partnership with two nonprofit organizations: Fund for Peace, a global leader in early warning and conflict assessment with experience in more than 50 countries; and Karuna Center for Peacebuilding, a leading peacebuilding implementer with programs in more than 25 conflict-affected countries.

Community Risk and Vulnerability Assessments by Country:   

CRVA Report Summary

CRVA Report – Benin                                                                                             

CRVA Report – Benin_FRANCAIS                                       

CRVA Report – Burkina Faso                                           

CRVA Report – Burkina Faso_FRANCAIS                         

CRVA Report – Cabo Verde                                                

CRVA Report – Cabo Verde_PORTUGUESE     

CRVA Report – Cote d_Ivoire_FRANCAIS

CRVA Report – Guinea

CRVA Report – Guinea_FRANCAIS

CRVA Report – Guinea-Bissau

CRVA Report – Liberia

CRVA Report – Mali


CRVA Report – Niger

CRVA Report – Niger_FRANCAIS

CRVA Report – Nigeria

CRVA Report – Senegal

CRVA Report – Senegal_FRANCAIS

CRVA Report – Sierra Leone

CRVA Report – The Gambia

CRVA Report – Togo



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