40+ years of promoting positive change

Creative has implemented hundreds of projects around the globe since it was founded in 1977. From education and elections to governance and economic growth, Creative’s efforts have made a difference. For example, since the year 2000, Creative has trained more than 389,000 teachers in 21 countries—providing them with new skills and techniques that ultimately benefit their students.

Creative’s Past Projects section has a list of selected projects, a brief description, their implementation dates and funders.


Kenya Professional Leadership in Ethics

Date: January 2008 – June 2008

Creative provided short-term strategic technical expertise and direct capacity building support to a World Bank-funded project to bolster organizations promoting public sector ethics and professionalism. Specifically, the project worked to enhance the growth and expansion of the Association of Professional Societies of East Africa and the Makerere Center for Applied Ethics. The project's goal was to increase the sustainability and effectiveness of the organizations' leadership and the application of their ethics roles....



Latin America and Caribbean/Eastern Caribbean Teacher Training Institute

Date: July 1987

Creative assisted Ministries of Education, the University of the West Indies and Florida A&M University in developing a six-week institute for primary and secondary school teachers from eight Caribbean islands in order to extend their teaching skills. An initial workshop was delivered in Florida, followed by workshops on each island for all participants to reinforce the initial training. Principals and teachers reported observable and measurable changes in performance and in student outcomes....



Latin America and Caribbean/Presidential Training Initiative for the Island Caribbean

Date: September 1986 – February 1989

Creative supported the United Schools of America, Inc. with needs assessment, assisting with the recruitment and placement of participants, monitoring participants' social and academic progress, supporting students and providing technical assistance related to specific training and program needs. Training was provided in-region; in-country; and in U.S. colleges and universities, junior and community colleges, technical schools, and the private sector to 1,200 participants....



Lester B. Pearson Peacekeeping Centre Training Project

Date: March 1997 – May 1997

The Lester Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre selected Creative to help develop two modules for their course on Demobilization and Reintegration, "The Hard Road Home" and to develop the Final Exercise, the capstone of the entire course. The course provided participants with a broad understanding of the issues, processes and experience in demobilization and reintegration programs, to improve the planning and implementation of future programs and related missions. ...



Morocco – Promise Pathways Program

Date: 2014 - 2018

In Morocco’s Marrakesh-Tensift-Al Haouz, up to 14,000 children are already working or are at great risk of becoming agricultural and domestic laborers. Though Morocco has had significant success in addressing child labor, problems continue....

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Morocco: Fostering Peaceful Communities

Date: 2016-2018

Taking an innovative approach to building a network of resilience at the local level, the Fostering Peaceful Communities in Morocco project supports local religious and civil society leaders to address the factors that make youth more vulnerable to radicalization....

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