40+ years of promoting positive change

Creative has implemented hundreds of projects around the globe since it was founded in 1977. From education and elections to governance and economic growth, Creative’s efforts have made a difference. For example, since the year 2000, Creative has trained more than 389,000 teachers in 21 countries—providing them with new skills and techniques that ultimately benefit their students.

Creative’s Past Projects section has a list of selected projects, a brief description, their implementation dates and funders.


Central America – Regional Youth Alliance USAID-SICA (AJR)

Date: January 2008 - January 2012

The Regional Youth Alliance USAID-SICA (AJR USAID/SICA) established community-based, public-private alliances to rehabilitate and reintegrate ex-gang members into society and prevent the participation of youth in gangs. AJR was a direct response to the public security, investment and development challenges caused by youth gangs throughout Central America and the rising crime rate attributed to gang activity in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The project served as a vehicle to assess regional legal frameworks and practices and promote a cohesive regional response to the gang problem....

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Colombia – Initial Governance Response Program

Date: October 2007 - July 2011

USAID’s Office of Transitional Assistance Initial Government Response program (IGRP) assisted the government stabilize areas by consolidating its presence in areas cleared of illegal armed groups and responding to local needs. Working at the community level using a process-oriented, community driven approach, IGRP components included social infrastructure and livelihoods projects. The approach fostered community resiliencies and emphasized informal governance structures. It successfully linked beneficiaries to government programs, public and private sector funding sources and technical assistance....

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Egypt – Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes

Date: September 2007 – August 2013

USAID and the Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes Project team worked closely with the Egyptian Ministries of Education and Communication and Information Technology the private sector and communities to develop an integrated model for introducing technology into school-based activities. By September 2011, TILO operated in 85 experimental Smart Schools and more than 200 other primary and prep schools undergoing school-based reforms in eleven governorates....

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Honduras – Dry Corridor Alliance

Date: 2016-2021

The five-year Honduras Dry Corridor Alliance project aims to enhance human capital and productive capacity and to diversify livelihoods and build resilience of 6,000 poor and extreme poor families....

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Jordan – Education Reform Support Program

Date: 2009-2014

Education has played a transformative role in the development of Jordan from an agrarian, subsistence economy to a predominantly urban, industrialized nation. In July 2003, the government launched the Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy initiative, which is intended to upgrade the education sector and provide more comprehensive and appropriate services to its graduates....

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