Innovative, results-driven activities around the world

Creative and its partners are implementing important programs in approximately 20 countries. In collaboration with communities, individuals, government officials, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders, Creative shares its expertise and experience to promote positive change.


Eastern & Southern Caribbean – Community, Family and Youth Resilience

Citizen Security Date: 2016-2020

The Community, Family and Youth Resilience program will identify and work with families and their youth who are empirically at the highest risk of becoming involved in crime and violence. Based on their level of risk, the USAID-funded program will match these youth with interventions that will seek to increase protective factors or “resilience.”... Read More



Electoral Violence Prediction Market

Elections Date:

The first-of-its kind Electoral Violence Prediction Market helps practitioners and policymakers prevent and mitigate electoral violence using quantitative and qualitative data and expert insights.... Read More



Ethiopia – READ II

Education Date: 2018-2023

The five-year READ II projects seeks to boost the quality of literacy instruction and student support for 15 million children, including those at risk of failure and dropout caused by cognitive, emotional and physical effects of hunger, violence, and displacement.... Read More



Guatemala – Proyecto Tejiendo Paz

Citizen Security Date: 2018-2023

The Peacebuilding Project, known as Proyecto Tejiendo Paz in Spanish, will support peace initiatives, conflict resolution and social cohesion in 130 communities in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.... Read More



Honduras – Dry Corridor Alliance

Economic Growth Date: 2016-2021

The five-year Honduras Dry Corridor Alliance project aims to enhance human capital and productive capacity and to diversify livelihoods and build resilience of 6,000 poor and extreme poor families.... Read More



Jordan Technical Assistance Program

Education Date: 2021-2026

The Jordan Technical Assistance Program seeks to improve the government’s ability to meet the burgeoning educational needs of the country’s school-age and youth populations by working closely with Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth to change their organizational cultures and improve their abilities to ensure officials can implement much-needed reforms.... Read More