Innovative, results-driven activities around the world

Creative and its partners are implementing important programs in approximately 20 countries. In collaboration with communities, individuals, government officials, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders, Creative shares its expertise and experience to promote positive change.


Jordan Technical Assistance Program

Date: 2021-2026

The Jordan Technical Assistance Program seeks to improve the government’s ability to meet the burgeoning educational needs of the country’s school-age and youth populations by working closely with Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth to change their organizational cultures and improve their abilities to ensure officials can implement much-needed reforms.... Read More



Nigeria LEARN to Read

Date: 2022-2026

Leveraging Education Assistance Resources in Nigeria (LEARN) supports efforts to improve reading outcomes among first and second grade pupils in Nigeria. Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, the project builds on lessons learned from prior reading programs in Nigeria to introduce a flexible, cost-efficient early grade reading intervention model that can be tailored to state contexts. ... Read More



Somalia – Bar ama Baro

Date: 2021-2025

The five-year Bar ama Baro program works in partnership with the Somalian government to provide quality non-formal education services to marginalized children across the country.... Read More



Uzbekistan – All Children Succeeding

Date: 2023-2028

Uzbekistan’s education system has historically followed a teacher-centered, textbook-driven model where all students are expected to learn the same material at the same pace.... Read More