Innovative, results-driven activities around the world

Creative and its partners are implementing important programs in approximately 20 countries. In collaboration with communities, individuals, government officials, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders, Creative shares its expertise and experience to promote positive change.


Morocco – Reading for Success – National Program for Reading

Instructional Systems Date: 2017-2022

National Program for Reading program will support the Government of Morocco to develop a national literacy program to improve Arabic literacy skills in grades 1 through 4. The USAID-funded program aims to improve classroom instruction; expand remedial and extra-curricular reading opportunities at school, at home and in the community; and improve national learning and assessment systems for reading and writing.... Read More



Mozambique – Vamos Ler! Let’s Read! Program

Instructional Systems Date: 2016-2021

The five-year Mozambique Vamos Ler! (Let’s Read!) program is developing bilingual education tools and activities, improving national early grade literacy policies and delivery and monitoring systems, enhancing school leadership and increasing parental and community engagement in early grade literacy.... Read More



Nigeria – Northern Education Initiative Plus

Education in Conflict Date: 2015-2020

More than 30 percent of school-aged children in Northern Nigeria do not have access to basic education. The quality of education is also often lacking. To address these challenges, the Nigeria Northern Education Initiative Plus (NEI+) seeks to improve access and quality of education for more than 2 million school-aged children and youth in three northern states.... Read More



Pakistan – Reading Project

Education in Conflict Date: 2013-2018

Pakistan is one of the few countries where illiteracy rates are actually increasing. Government statistics show that primary school enrollment is only 66 percent, which means some 7.2 million children are not in classrooms.... Read More



Somalia – Bringing Unity, Integrity, and Legitimacy to Democracy

Elections Date: 2016-2021

Somalia faces longstanding and systemic challenges to citizen engagement in inclusive, peaceful and democratic political processes. The five-year Bringing Unity, Integrity and Legitimacy to Democracy project will provide critical assistance to help build electoral systems, strengthen civil society and encourage civic participation in Somalia, with a particular focus on women, youth and other marginalized groups.... Read More