Opportunities is Creative’s model for demand-driven, competency-based training and job placement. Its goal is to sustainably bridge the gap between demand for skills by the labor market and workforce development providers.

Opportunities addresses the challenges of high unemployment and underemployment caused by the gap between labor market demand for technical, business management and soft skills at the mid-career and semi-professional level and the limited number of workers who possess these skills

Creative’s Opportunities approach is tailored to fit the precise market demands and needs of employers. By improving the quality of and expanding access to demand-driven trainings in job competencies in demand by the market place, Creative provides target populations with access to decent work, and spurs inclusive economic growth and competitiveness.

Creative does this through the four steps outlined below:

  1. Assess private sector demand for vocational, soft, and job readiness skills;
  2. Develop and adapt curriculum to meet the identified needs of the private sector;
  3. Build local capacity for training design and delivery with local grantees; and
  4. Offer employment-related services to improve new employees’ abilities to retain their jobs and to secure successive jobs in their developing careers.

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