Senior Advisor, Gender and Social Inclusion




Rebecca Sewall is the Senior Advisor for Gender and Social Inclusion, responsible for designing and institutionalizing Creative’s technical approach to gender and social inclusion.

Beyond your job title, please explain your role at Creative.

In addition to building staff capacity to integrate gender and social inclusion into their work, I work across all divisions and projects providing technical advice and support. I play a vital role in thought leadership, prompting Creative’s divisions to use best practices in the field of gender and inclusion in their work and developing key tools to advance gender and inclusion in different practice areas. Much of my work is spent ensuring that gender and inclusion are central to the design of each project and that proposed activities and approaches advance not only the project goals, but also inclusive development.

Do you have an accomplishment or programmatic result or activity that you are particularly proud of?

My use of conflict resolution approaches to advancing gender and social equality has come in handy particularly in communities where there might otherwise be resistance to work in “gender.” By using best practice and efficiency approaches, I have been successful in promoting gender and social inclusion where other attempts have failed. 

A particular interest of mine, and one that is in line with supporting countries’ journeys to self-reliance, is working with state agencies at the national and sub-national levels to figure out how to operationalize their gender and inclusion goals. Helping governance entities move the goals and gender and social related directives from the page to practice is what I like to do best.


    Gender and social inclusion, gender integration into development programming, conflict resolution


    Ph.D. George Mason University – Conflict Analysis and Resolution

    M.A. American University in Cairo – Anthropology

    B.A. Tufts University – Anthropology


    More than 20 years of experience advancing human rights and promoting inclusive development in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Founder and Principal of Think Balance and Inclusive Growth LLC. Previously worked with organizations including FHI 360, Centre for Development and Population Activities, IntraHealth, DevTech Systems, and Women, Law and Development International.


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