Honduras: Youth Drive a Future without Violence

By Creative Associates International

March 4, 2013   |   0 comments

image_AJH-640x336 Last week, Youth Alliance Honduras representatives gathered from all over the country for the first National Meeting of Outreach Center Coordinators and Partners to discuss common challenges, best practices, and value added within communities.  Each participant shared experiences from his or her outreach center, facilitating a dynamic and productive dialogue about the Youth Alliance Outreach Center program in Honduras.

Since August 2006, Creative has partnered with USAID through the USAID-funded Youth Alliance Program to establish over 100 “Por mi Barrio” (For my Neighborhood) Outreach Centers to prevent crime and reduce violence at the community level in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama.  At the core of the program’s success is a critical partnership with local communities to address widespread challenges with gang-related violence.  The centers provide a safe space for youth to gather, receive training in marketable skills, access academic tutoring, gain economic opportunities for employment and volunteer.

The recent meeting of coordinators and partners from all the Youth Alliance Outreach Centers in Honduras proved particularly meaningful, as it provided a forum for representatives to exchange experiences and establish objectives aimed at increasing the sustainability of the centers’ work.  One of the main features of the event was the “Mi CDA en un Minuto” (My Outreach Center in One Minute) video competition.  Outreach center volunteers from across the country produced short films to highlight their outreach center.

For an intimate glimpse into their world, watch the winning “Mi CDA en un Minuto” videos:

The Nueva Capital de Tegucigalpa Outreach Center film won first place.  Dania Romero, the Center Coordinator, presented the film, which was produced with a song composed by youth from the center.

The San Vicente de Paul de San Pedro Sula Outreach Center won second place.  Héctor Campos, the Center Coordinator, presented the film on behalf of the center.

Lastly, honorable mention was awarded to the San Martín, Tegucigalpa Outreach Center for its creativity and to the Búfalo de La Ceiba Outreach Center for its message of prevention.

Taking new knowledge and ideas home, outreach center coordinators and partners continue to inspire and catalyze positive change in their own communities.