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With a vibrant, passionate youth population, the Middle East and North Africa has incredible potential to improve the stability of the region and develop its economic and human resources. Yet ongoing conflict, increasing refugee flows and humanitarian crises put the region at risk and create challenges that need to be addressed in concert with local populations.

Since the 1990s, Creative has been a reliable partner to the region’s diverse countries and communities across the spectrum of development, jumpstarting stabilization initiatives in the midst and aftermath of conflict and bolstering education systems, women’s leadership and inclusive growth and governance.

With experience in 14 countries, Creative’s programs have advanced access to security, safety and governance in liberated areas of Syria, lowered risk factors for youth at risk for radicalization in Tunisia, catalyzed rural communities to launch inclusive development programs in Jordan, empowered women with a seat and voice at the constitutional drafting table in Libya, and brought girls into classrooms across the region.


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