Learning Environment Technical Support

Jordan’s bold education reform program seeks to integrate critical thinking, problem solving, workplace skills and e-learning approaches into its schools’ core education curricula, as well as improve the quality of learning environments.

Current conditions in many Jordanian schools are often unpleasant—and sometimes even dangerous. A study by Creative found that parental engagement is low, reports of verbal and physical abuse are high and schools often have an atmosphere of distrust and low expectations.

Creative’s Learning Environment Technical Support program works with the Jordanian Ministry of Education to improve the atmosphere in 120 public schools. It focuses on safety, health, caring and engagement. The program is supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The program supported these efforts by introducing best practice approaches at the school level. Educators identified the most pressing needs and lead the community in addressing them. Activities included anti-bullying seminars, school clean-up days, art contests and teacher training courses.

The Learning Environment Technical Support program expanded the Ministry of Education’s ability to back schools as they try to improve their learning environments and its overall capacity and that of local training institutions.

The program built awareness within school communities in order to create positive learning behaviors and higher school achievement. It also made huge strides in reducing violence and bullying, as well as increasing healthy behaviors and effective communication between schools and the community.

Within three semesters, nearly 50 percent of participating schools demonstrated that the program interventions were correlated to a drop in negative behavior. Girls’ schools showed the highest drop in negative behaviors, at 71 percent, with boys demonstrating a drop of 45 percent.


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