Millennium Challenge Corporation

Economic Rate of Return Activity

Increasing impoverished families’ incomes will allow them to meet their basic needs, including health, education and equal opportunity—particularly for women and girls.

Creative Associates International, in partnership with Abt Associates, is providing research, analysis and technical tools to improve economic rates of return on investment and generate long-term positive results in for communities and countries in support of the Millennium Challenge Corp.’s community development, education and health initiatives.

Since January 2003, the Millennium Challenge Corp. has provided to governments and organizations $8.4 billion through its Human and Community Development Compacts in an effort to reduce poverty through sustainable economic growth.

Considering evidence, best practices and trends shaping the community development, education and health sectors, Creative provides technical support to the Millennium Challenge Corp. to identify linkages between economic growth and poverty reduction. Creative identifies key elements in current development trends that indicate better opportunities for success for the communities with which the Millennium Challenge Corp. works.

Creative’s team is also providing recommendations to better understand and address critical gender and inclusion issues in community development, education and health. The team’s efforts support the refinement of the assessment and tools used to capture project results—actual and potential—on women and other marginalized groups.

Additionally, the Creative team is producing a report to show trends impacting current and future private sector participation in community development, education and health. The report aims to increase Millennium Challenge Corp.’s understanding of the driving factors behind private sector engagement, as well as shape Millennium Challenge Corp. Compact countries’ abilities to leverage private investment opportunities in future projects to maximum impacts on economic value chains.

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