Greater Resilience through Enhanced Analysis

As the influence of violent extremism spreads, Tanzania is harnessing its resilience to strengthen communities.

These challenges are rooted in marginalization and amplified by those who target at-risk individuals with promises of inclusion or prosperity. With limited data and an anecdotal understanding of local drivers of violent extremism, well-intentioned responses to date have not generated expected results.

A new U.S. State Department-funded program will bring robust and tested analytical tools to assess these local drivers so that the government and communities can effectively respond to them.

Called the Greater Resilience through Enhanced Analysis in Tanzania, the two-year program is developing an analytical toolkit that provides insight into regional drivers and dynamics of violent extremism. It is based on the State Department’s Interagency Conflict Analysis Framework.

The program is comprised of four key components to capture lessons learned and integrate bet practices into future iterations of the tool. They include: designing the assessment tool; conducting the field research; developing pilot activities to improve community resiliency; and evaluation of the results.

To learn more about the project, click here.

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