Syria: Facilitating Urban Recovery and Transition III

The Facilitating Urban Recovery and Transition (FURAT III) program aims to strengthen local governance partners in northeast Syria. The project is designed to support local governance actors and citizens living outside the regime’s control in the northeastern region of the country, with an emphasis on women, youth and religious and ethnic minorities.   

Through FURAT III’s effort, local governance partners can better deliver essential services, improve responsiveness to community needs, address barriers to displaced persons’ reintegration, enhance stakeholder coordination, and enable local governance partners to provide services independently. By achieving these objectives, FURAT III promotes social cohesion, inclusivity, and sustainable development at the community level.  

The three-year program is funded by the U.S. State Department and will focus on these core areas: 

Service Provision: Restoring and providing essential services in northeast Syria, focusing on activities such as water, sanitation, waste management, electricity, and road rehabilitation interventions.  

  • Capacity Building: Improving the skills of local governance actors that allow them to administer and deliver services more effectively.  
  • Emergency Response: Supporting firefighting teams throughout the region to enhance emergency preparedness and response capabilities.  
  • Coordination: Promoting better coordination among key stakeholders and facilitating transparent information sharing regarding governance processes.  
  • Community Engagement and Outreach: Engaging with communities to foster active participation, inclusion, and awareness of local governance initiatives. 

FURAT III is a follow-on to the FURAT and FURAT Plus projects that ended in March 2023.  

Rehabilitation of Suwar Canal in northeast Syria (Furat II)

An Interactive Storymap
One of the FURAT program’s key achievements has been the restoration of water access for Hasakah City, where water shortages had caused dissatisfaction with governance bodies and encouraged emigration from the region. Since January 2021, FURAT Plus has partnered with the Executive Council of Jazeera Region and the Deir Ezzor Civil Council to restore clean water infrastructure and address this growing instability. This large-scale water restoration initiative rehabilitated the Al-Suwar Canal, many miles of pipeline, pump and lift stations, and electrical infrastructure so the water system can operate sustainably. In addition to providing water to Hasakah City’s residents, this project feeds water into agricultural irrigation systems in the nearby countryside, improving irrigation conditions in a region reliant on the agricultural economy. Explore this project’s implementation through an engaging interactive storymap developed by the FURAT Plus project in collaboration with the Creative Development Lab.

Click on map to your left or click here to access the interactive storymap

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