The building blocks for sustainable violence prevention from communities to the capital

In its five years, Alianza Joven Honduras-USAID built a robust, nationwide violence prevention network that extended from youth volunteers in some of the most at-risk communities to government ministers. Explore its Outreach Centers, life skills coaching, Microsoft Academies, machismo workshops and other building blocks of a sustainable violence prevention approach in this special report.


For residents in at-risk Honduran communities, the Alianza Joven Honduras-USAID project has mobilized critical resources and energy to make their neighborhoods safer.

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The Alianza Joven Honduras project is prompting young men and women to think about gender stereotypes and how to counter societal pressures on young men that can lead to risky and sometimes violent behaviors.

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In Jader’s neighborhood, many youth grow up like him— without much hope for the future. Fortunately, a new approach called “The Challenge of Dreaming My Life” is helping them dream of a better future and chart a course to get there.

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Youth in Honduras’ most at-risk communities often have few opportunities to gain skills in technology. Through a partnership with Microsoft, Alianza Joven Honduras-USAID is bringing these opportunities to them, including the chance to get certified in tech skills valued by employers.

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