Creative names new director of Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Practice Area


June 20, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Creative Associates International has welcomed Kent Ford as Director of its Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Practice Area.

Ford will oversee projects aimed at supporting countries emerging from crisis or conflict in rebounding from economic shock and moving toward stabilization, with a focus on livelihoods, enterprise development and value chain development.

Bringing more than 20 years of experience leading and supporting global economic development initiatives, Ford will be a great asset to Creative’s Economic Growth Division, says Earl Gast, Senior Vice President and Senior Director of the Division.

“We are honored to have Kent, with his years of experience in economic development, join us here at Creative,” Gast says. “I am confident that with his leadership, the Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Practice Area will continue to grow and improve the lives and economic opportunity of people around the world.”

Ford was most recently Director of Economic Growth and Agriculture at Palladium, where he led major agriculture market systems projects in Nigeria and Uganda.

He has extensive international experience, including leading and working on field teams in the West Bank and Gaza, Albania and Kosovo.

A two-time entrepreneur, Ford most recently served as co-founder and Managing Director of Global Development Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in helping development organizations, governments and businesses design and implement economic growth projects around the world.

Ford has served as an adviser and economic growth specialist for several firms, including J.E. Austin Associates and Deloitte Consulting. He directed several field projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia as a private sector development specialist at Chemonics International.

He established and served as the first president of the Foreign Investors Association of Albania, which became an important and leading force for improving the foreign investment and trade facilitation climate in Albania. He is currently President Emeritus of the association.

Ford said he looks forward to furthering Creative’s efforts to build strong private sectors and workforces around the world.

“I have long believed that the best anti-poverty program is a great economic growth project; one that directly targets improving livelihoods and creating substantive, sustainable jobs,” he said. “I intend to help Creative expand our Economic Growth Division’s lasting impact in the communities and countries where we work.”

Ford is a graduate of Ball State University and received his MBA in International Finance from George Mason University.

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