Global Goals:

How 17 goals can make the world better for 7 billion

September 29, 2015

With the United Nations’ adoption of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, world leaders and citizens seek to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and justice and fix climate change.  How do we get there? Can we reach the most vulnerable? And what does this mean for women and girls? Our experts look back on past progress and forward to the next 15 years.



As world leaders gear up for the next generation of development milestones—the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs)—Creative’s experts weigh in on successes, missteps and critical ingredients to ramp up growth and prosperity for the world’s 7.3 billion residents.

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The 17 Global Goals, 169 indicators and 15,000 words in the accompanying agenda, can all be boiled down into one word—“inclusive.” Sean Carroll explores why reaching the furthest behind first and truly including “all” is so critical.

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The last 15 years saw missed opportunities to advance gender equality. Rekha Mehra, Rachel Clement and David Newstead take a look at where the SDGs are trying to do more.

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A global focus on reading has had major impacts on education. But reading isn’t everything. Jerrold Keilson calls on the global community to push for quality and completion.

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The scale of violence against children– particularly girls– is unfathomable. Cris Revaz explains why the most critical education goal is making schools places where they can be safe.

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